The new trade law

The new trade law

The new trade law

The new trade law
The new trade law


Law No. 17 of 1999 by issuing new trade law

Behalf of the people President of the Republic People's Assembly decided the following law, was enacted:

Article I

Repealed Trade Act of Higher Order on 13 November 1883, except for the first chapter of the second door from companies and private individuals, and replaced by the law facilities.

Article II:

Issued necessary to implement this law, ministerial decisions of the competent ministers as appropriate.

Article III:

This law shall be published in the Official Gazette, and shall be effective as of the beginning of October 1999, except for provisions for the check Fbaml effect as of the beginning of October 2000.

And applied to the check issued before this date in force in the date of issuance of the legal provisions, if a fixed date or date has been proven by the beginning of October 2001.

The proof of the date of the check will be referred to with a documented interest the real estate offices, reception, and a means of an entry in the records at a bank, or in any other way stipulated in Article 15 of the Law of Evidence in commercial materials.

This law shall be stamped with the seal of the state, and enforced as one of its laws.


The first section. General trade. General Provisions

Article 1

Sri provisions of this law on trade provisions, and every natural or legal person to prove his capacity of a merchant.


Article 2

1. apply to commercial material terms of the agreement between the contractors, if there is no such agreement, Sirte texts of this Act or other laws relating to commercial materials, then the rules of business practice and business habits, if there is no known commercial or business usually must apply the provisions of the Civil Code.

2. shall not implement the agreements between contractors or the rules of the trade custom or commercial habits when it conflicted with the public order in Egypt
Article 3
If the contract is a commercial for a terminal is not the provisions of the Commercial Code, but the obligations of this party alone apply, and apply to the other party's obligations provisions of the Civil Code, unless the law provides otherwise.

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