Anti-drug law

Anti-drug law

Anti-drug law

Anti-drug law

Jawahrmkhaddrh considered in the application of the provisions of this law materials shown in Table No. 1 thereto and exclude formulations set forth in the table

No person shall bring or issued or produced or owns or scoring or sells or buys jewels narcotic or exchange it or descend them in any recipe or to intervene as a mediator in a bit of it except in the cases provided for in this Act and under the conditions set forth by.

It is not permitted to bring gems and export of narcotic her only Bmottagdy written Alria the competent licensing.

It is not permitted to grant permission fetch mentioned in the previous article, but for people following two: (a) the directors of shops licensed in narcotic trafficking in gems. (B) The directors of pharmacies licensed in narcotic trafficking in gems. (C) The directors of chemical analysis laboratories, industrial or scientific research. To view the competent administrative request for permission or reduce the required quantity does not grant permission to export only managers shops licensed in narcotic trafficking in gems rejected. Shows the demand in the student's name and address drug gems full nature and quantity wants brought Tsidirha or with a statement of the reasons that justify fetch Owaltsidir as well as those that required him to the competent administrative authority data.

I receive a narcotic gems that link to customs Alabmujb give written permission to withdraw the competent administrative authority to the licensee Baljelb or those who replace him in his work. And the Customs Department in the cases of fetch or received permission to export the clouds or export of stakeholders and returned to the competent administrative authority.

It is not permitted to bring gems export narcotic or her or transfer within the parcels toxic drugs if it is in one place.

It is not permitted for managers of shops licensed in trafficking in narcotic jewels to sell or surrender these gems or dropped off by whatever capacity only to persons who come: (a) the managers of the stores licensed trafficking. (B) managers Alsdlaat and pharmaceutical factories Alavrbavenah. A (c) managers to Msttviac pharmacies, clinics and dispensaries if they were pharmacists. And may well have to sell or surrender or dropped off this gem under license cards provided for in Article 19 to the following two persons: (a) Alotbaka who Almsttviac specialization, clinics and dispensaries, which does not have Sadlh. (B) The directors of labs Alkmaúah, industrial and scientific research. (C) the interests of the government and scientific institutions recognized and not taken delivery of gems narcotic sold or which got them unless the recipient presented a receipt out of the three pictures printed on each of them and address of the received and explaining ink or pen aniline fully gems name of the drug and the nature and rate of the date of liberation, as well as quantitative ROI and letters. The recipient must sign out receipt and a copy of the three and conclude it with the seal of a special Steering received written in the middle of the word dope. And the store manager that Yoshr on the receipt and a copy of the three to the benefit of exchange and history and retains the original copy and gives the recipient a photo and send two photos by registered letter to the competent administrative authority in the day following the date of exchange at the most.

All narcotic gems contained licensee to shop in, but traders out, as well as compilers of it must be recognized first hand on the same day in a special books Mrkoma Sahaúvha and sealed Boukaúm competent administrative authority must be mentioned as keeping the date of receipt and ID, address and date of exchange and the buyer's name, address, and mentions in both cases Name Gems narcotic fully and nature, quantity and proportion, as well as all the data, which decided by the competent administrative authority.

The managers of shops licensed to trade in gems narcotic to send a registered letter to the competent administrative authority in the week and spent Mrkoma Sahaúfah and sealed Boukaúm competent administrative authority mentions in enrollment letters and clear statements of the following: First, with respect to Inbound: Date of roses and ID, address and type of substance drug and quantity Second: Balmusrov with respect to: (a) the name and address Altmakrh editor. (B) the patient's full name and surname, age and address. (C) the date on which the exchange medicine and medical registration number in the ticket book, as well as the amount of narcotic gems that contains it. Weedon this book Moreover all other statements issued by the decision of the competent minister.

Pharmacies may Jewels narcotic Exchange under the licenses set forth in the following articles cards for people who come: (a) medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists holding a Diploma or Bachelor. (B) doctors who specialization so Almsttviac, clinics and dispensaries, which does not have pharmacists.

Licenses mentioned in the previous article cards from the disposal of the competent administrative authority after the submission of the request, stating the following: (a) gems narcotic full names and the nature of each of them. (B) the amount needed for the student. (C) All other information that may be requested by the Aladariaalmokhtsh to this party refused to give a license or reduce the quantity required.

Must be indicated in the license card is as follows: (a) the owner of the card industry, surname, name and address. (B) the amount of narcotic gems authorized disbursement under the card as well as the maximum amount can be disbursed in a single installment. (C) the date on which the card expires effect.

Pharmacists must indicate in the license amount Srvoha and dates of exchange card and sign on this data. They can not be delivered gems narcotic under license card Alabaissal of the card holder showing the ink or by ethylene date and the name of the substance complete drug and quantity in numbers and letters, and the license number and date of card and the card holder response to the competent administrative authority within one week of the end of the effect may not be the plants described cultivation in Table history ( 5)

No person shall bring or issued or transferred or owns or made or bought a, sell, exchange or receive or deliver or down from the plants mentioned in the table (5) in all stages of growth, as well as seeds, with the exception of parts of plants set out in Table ( 6)

The Minister competent licensing governmental interests and scientific institutes grow any plant of prohibited plants cultivated for the purposes of scientific research or under conditions established by it. The concerned minister is authorized to bring in plants set out in Table (5) In this case, the seeds of these plants and seeds to the provisions of Chapters II and III, are subject.

You must save the books stipulated in Articles 12, 18, 24 and 26 for a period of ten years from the date of the last entry was made as reservation receipts stipulated in Articles 11, 22 and 26 medical office stipulated in Article 14 for the same period from the date shown on them,

The Minister concerned that the decision issued Aadlvy attached to this law deletion and addition tables or change the ratios contained therein.

Shall be punished by death and a fine of not less than one hundred thousand pounds and not exceeding five hundred thousand pounds: (a) all of the issued or bring substance sedated before obtaining the license provided for in Article (3) (b) each of the produced or Oovsal or making substance sedated extracted and that was the intent Trafficking (c) all of the planting plants from plants listed in Table No. (5) or chest or brought or Hazh or made or bought or sold or delivered or transmitted in whatever phase growth, as well as seeds and that was the purpose of trafficking or trafficked in it in any way, in the is stated by law. (D) all of the even abroad authored gang or management or overlap in their management, organize or join them or subscribe to, and it was their purpose of trafficking in gems narcotic or submitted to abuse or commit any of the offenses set forth in this Article within the means of coercion or fraud to abuse the essence of anesthetic cocaine or heroin, or any of the materials contained in the first section of the table (1)

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